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Junior Designer @ Buck
Adventurous and ready to go!

Computer Animation alum 2013 @Ringling College of Art and Design

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Alley way in Downtown LA :) Another addition to my drawn-stagram collection
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Wanted to go graphic! :) some bike chic I saw in Downtown LA.
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No game of thrones this weekend but drawing him makes up for it :) Excited to see whats going to happen next week!
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Taking a Break under the bridge of the Santa Monica Pier. I was really intrigued by the lighting there, it was really fun to paint! I think i gave the dude really small feet lol  
belle-woods: What exactly do you do in your job? If you don't mind me asking that is. Love your art by the way!

Hey belle-woods! 

So nice of you to drop by my tumblr! Thank you so much for your kind words!

I work as a designer at Buck. My job is to help create all the elements that may end up in the spot I am assigned to. I help with brainstorming initial designs (includes character/environment/graphic/type ); refining designs that need to be finished; complete any outstanding elements that is related to the project; style framing and sometimes story boarding. I assist my art director as much as I can throughout the process until everything is ready to hand over to the animators. The most eye opening part of my job is adapting to the many different aesthetic styles. We take a lot of time to do research and gather references to create something unique for every spot. Sometimes I come in the middle of a project and I have to learn to adapt to the style that is already established. 

I can’t expressed how much I have learned throughout my time at Buck. So many talented artists gathered together sure creates a creative environment. Every project is a challenge for me and I always take it in as a new lesson to be learned. 

Hope that answers your question! 

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Funky plants!
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The cap! For sketch dailies. :) 
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Queen of the Galaxy: Barbarella! Another sketch daily for a while back.
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